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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Don't lose your vital mobility.  In order to stay viable in this world you need to be able to move and perform for optimal health.  As we age we tend to slow down.  You don't have to.  We can show you how to keep yourself strong and viable. 

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Conquer Your Space

Improve the vital aspects of your musculoskeletal system. Our experts can design a program for you and keep you on track for the best success.  We do it online for your convenience through our secure patient portal or locally at your location. 

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Your Greatest Asset

Challenge yourself to clean out old habits and get to your best health.  

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How we Design Your Program

Mary McHugh, PT is a leader in the field of  for myofascial and mobility care. Her extensive experience in working with adults and seniors has proven invaluable to her patients and is verified by the outstanding outcomes that she achieves for each of them.  

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About Soft Tissue Therapy

Our treatment is based on the soft tissue concept which incorporates soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release and restorative exercise programs.  We focus on getting results at each visit. 

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How It Works

We evaluate the specific complaint of each patient and target our approach in that direction.  We start with a thorough exam and set a treatment plan. The focus of each physical therapy session is on the patient and getting the results they specifically want.  Whether it is lower back pain or other musculoskeletal problem we have the resources to treat it using a health and wellness focus.

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